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'ChordBlossom KickStart Finalist 2017'

'Pure M Awards 2017 Best Male (Solo Artist) Shortlist'

'HMUK 3:3 Recipient 2017'

'Whelans: One To Watch 2017'

' 'One To Watch 2017'

' One To Watch 2017'

Sam is a mesmerising performer, gifted with the talent to arouse the soul with haunting melodies laced with poignant lyrics sung with his trademark transparency of spirit.

Compared to Jeff Buckley, John Martin, Death Cab For Cutie, Tom Waits, Sam is a soulful writer and performer with a restless creativity, conveying a personal blend of Electronic, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Indie.  This young and gifted 20-something artist humbly plies his craft with a focused sincerity, and has created a style his own: consistently delivering on his reputation as a bewitching live performer.

In 2016 Sam performed at the prestigious Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, Nashville, Tennessee, where he sang to an entranced audience at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville.  Sam also performed at 'The Factory' in Franklin Tennessee.  This event was filmed by Music City Roots and beamed live into 60 million homes across the U.S.

In 2017 Sam was taken under the wing of legendary American record producer Tony Visconti (producer of scores of albums by major artists including: David Bowie, T.Rex, Paul McCartney, Damon Albarn, Moody Blues, Marc Almond, Kaiser Chiefs, etc). Visconti’s mentorship led to Sam working closely with music icons including Stuart Copeland, Nitin Sawhney, and Imelda May, and performing live at Union Chapel London supported by legendary saxophonist Howie Casey and top afro-urban band the Compozers.  Sam’s mentorship under Tony Visconti was featured on a SkyArts documentary ‘Tony Visconti’s Unsigned Heroes’.

“All I’ve Seen’ reveals an album with a vital spirit, enriched by a deep well of intense imagery…

Wickens builds his sonic labyrinth, and there have been few releases this year more fun to lose yourself in.”

Ben Magee,

“Breathtaking debut album”

“An amazing voice..”

Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

“Lead single “Ravens & Crows” is one of the album’s highlights. Its mournful string section and up-close vocal delivery adds to the drama of the chorus’s punching beat, pounding like a fist on a table to drive home a point.”

Daniel Lynch,

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Hold The Time

Send Me

Includes bonus live acoustic tracks:

Oh Mother

Send Me

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‘his voice is just sublime.. Phenomenal’

Imelda May

"Sam is an incredible singer-songwriter and performer.  It's only a matter of time before everybody will hear about him.  He's going to be big!"

Moya Brennan,  Clannad

"An incredible talent, not just as a songwriter.. there's something about his voice that is really amazing.. this guy is definitely a proper talent.  Mixes together a lot of very Soulful and Gospel sounds..  He's only 20.  

This is absolutely amazing.. an astonishing voice.."

Ralph McLean, Local Voices, BBC Radio Ulster 

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Hold The Time

Send Me

Includes bonus live acoustic tracks:

Oh Mother

Send Me

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Dawsons Music, Royal Avenue, Belfast

Tower Records, 7 Dawson St, Dublin 2

"This guy is definitely a proper talent.  Absolutely amazing.. an astonishing voice.."    

Ralph McLean, Local Voices, BBC Radio Ulster 



"A profoundly rich, well-rounded and earthy sound, Wickens’ is a wonderfully gifted singer-songwriter whose music undoubtedly rouses the soul.

The delectable blend of soul, blues, folk and gospel that Wickens’ weaves through each of the six tracks on Send Me sets him apart from his peers and comfortably amidst his contemporaries.

Such a deeply and mature sound created by Wickens, it is hard to believe that he is still in his early twenties. I have heard older folk artists that lack the maturity and depth of composition that comes so easily to him. A beautiful ebb and flow of emotion, each track has its own personality, its own defining characteristics, his raw creativity penetrates through each layer of each piece to grab at you and so beautiful is each track in its own right that his unique sound lingers on in your peripheral long after the EP has ended.

The title track is incredibly haunting and it’s no surprise why it has surpassed every other track on this EP to hold pride of place.

Opening track ‘Breath’, for me is in its own way breath-taking. I have heard a number EP’s from up and coming new talent and there are very few that grab me so instantly. ‘Hold the Time’ is another beautiful track – I am a real sucker for a song that makes such a poignant feature of an enchanting piano accompaniment.

It’s hard not to love every track on this album, or to say that they aren’t all enchanting, mesmerising or hypnotic. Send Me is more than just music, it is more than a well composed EP, it is something that should be felt – and very few musicians these days can make you feel their music, experience their music on a deeper level.

A Bangor native he may be but what he has to offer to the world of music is like nothing you hear hailing from our fair shores. There is something of an old soul in Wickens’ music, a worldliness to his music that is as sincere as it is incomprehensible. His unique style and stand out sound will carry him a long way as he forges a reputation as a down to earth, mesmerising musician and live performer.

‘Send Me’ is a must for any music desperately seeking to sink their teeth in to something sharp and fresh."

Hannah Goodall, Chordblossom

"Deeply felt lyrics delivered via heartbreakingly soulful vocals.  Indie with a definite blues slant brings to mind comparisons to Foy Vance, David Gray, and Hozier.   

Sam Wickens can confidently take his place amongst this upper echelon of singer songwriters.

Each song segues seamlessly into the next.  A rich, picturesque collection of poetic tracks. And that voice. Stunning. 

'Breathe' highlights this striking voice, as does the live version of ‘Oh Mother’; which I must admit kind of knocked my socks off.  

Trees, and again, ‘Oh Mother’ feature superb blues guitar riffs.  Title track 'Send Me' gave me goosebumps.

At the end of this record I played it again. And again, and again.  This lush simplicity utterly addictive.

Every once in a while an EP by a new artist will knock it out of the park; this is one such album."

Noelle Ellis, Gigging NI

"It would be over simplistic to make comparisons with the music of Jeff Buckley, Bon Ivor and John Martyn, the most obvious connection being that similar to these artist Wickens possess quite a unique style. 

The focus throughout the album is on his wonderful vocal, always to the fore, soaring, melodic, atmospheric and emotional. Wickens has wisely allowed his vocal to dominate to the extent that the listener is immediately drawn to the lyrics. That’s not to understate the quality of the song writing, which appears to carry personal messages and a maturity beyond his years.   

The title track Send Me is dreamy, hypnotic with a vocal delivery that brings to mind Jack Lukeman at his best.

Wickens has without doubt the talent to make a name for himself"

Declan Culliton,  Lonesome Highway

"At only 20 years old Sam's lyrics are far more mature than his age..

His voice carries strong emotions within it drawing on influences like Paolo Nutini, which are especially prevalent on the track 'Trees'. Other stand outs on the EP are title track 'Send Me', which has the tenderness one would expect form folk music with a strong draw from blues music similar to the likes of Hozier, and a live version of 'Oh Mother' which showcases exactly what Sam is all about, strong lyrics with a blues vibe and a vocal that has hints of Paolo Nutini and Hozier while still staying unique in itself.

'Send Me' is a debut that proves that there is a lot more to come from this young artist and that Sam Wickens is a name to remember for the not so distant future"

Ciaran O'Brien,

"A real soulful, bluesy aged quality... reminds me of John Martyn, Bon Iver...   Very impressed by this.  One to keep an eye on.."

Chris Jones, Across The Line, BBC Radio Ulster

“Sam brings with him a rich soul/blues voice, soaked in what seems a lifetime of experience which belies his 20 years. His voice lures you in and connects”

Mark Reid, AER Music

“As I listen to Sam I get goosebumps when I realise he has just turned 20, sings with such purity and rawness combined, writes in ways that leave the listener wanting immediately more, and he’s just starting out!  Sam will change lives through his music”

Les Hume, Dawsons Music, Belfast

"absolutely haunting and delightful.."

Scott Jung, American Songwriter

"Gorgeous stuff.. absolutely great.."

Cherrie McIlwaine, BBC Radio Ulster

"this mesmerising talent, gorgeous.. heart wrenching"

Sophie Ellis, BBC/Wandsworth Radio, London

"As soon as I heard Sam open his mouth I was entranced. His lyrics are well beyond his age. Sam leaves his listeners in awe and drawn in to hang on to every word."

Sonia Leigh, Singer-songwriter/actress TV Drama 'Nashville' 

Sincere Thanks to...

Brian Baillie: Freelance Writer

EP Painting by Belinda Larmour 

EP Artwork By Sarah De Sousa & Sam Wickens

Photography by Julie Ann Rouquette & Michael Barbour



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Sam performing "Oh Mother" at Music City Roots, Live From The Factory, Franklin, Tennessee.

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