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Belfast’s own, Robb Murphy brings his devilishly sexy signature style to all of his adventures into the music scene. He is an Irish singer-songwriter whose journey has taken him far and wide to hone his craft as a master storyteller.

Robb’s solo career began with the recording of his internationally acclaimed debut album Take A Stand, officially released in April 2012. His 2nd studio album, Sleep Tonight launched in March of 2015 and has kept him busy with Radio, TV and live performances.

Recent successes include a variety of sessions, festivals and competitions; 3 successful tours of The Netherlands (with a 4th coming very soon), a feature on BBC Two, The Arts Show and appearances at the Belfast-Nashville Songwriters Festival to name but a few.

Robb has described Sleep Tonight as "an album of songs, simple in melody and production, which contain a 'real feel' to them". He has the unique ability to transport his listener into his musical world with a combination of stunning acoustics, sublime vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The rhythmic undercurrent of Robb Murphy’s music entices his audience to join him on a journey of traditional Irish storytelling punctuated throughout with elements of pop, country, classical and folk. His music illustrates personal memories along with the varied stories of his native

Northern Ireland; making the album a tapestry of music woven to delight the listener.

One last video of the title track Sleep Tonight will be released in autumn 2017 to close out Robb’s second album. The video is an animation of the full album version, as captured by the talented artist Maria Becvar, and features the Ulster String Quartet.

Robb has collaborated with the Samaritans to help promote Mental Health awareness and acceptance across all borders.


" is difficult to place Murphy in any particular niche. There are elements of pop, folk, classical and country music that he fuses together to varying degrees in his music. All of these influences are no doubt due to Murphy’s background as a producer and engineer, and result in an inimitable style all of his own."



"this album has been made with pure passion and soul”

USN Music Blog


“Robb Murphy's delicate voice has a certain melancholy full of hope characterising his very melodic and heartfelt songs, which proves you don't need a powerful and dominating voice to penetrate the soul of your listeners,

Robb manages this effortlessly with expertly produced songs which are always bursting with great instrumentation.”

David Durant - Under The Radar


“...his latest album Sleep Tonight' is something very special “

Gerry Kelly -BBC Radio Ulster



A 'brilliant summer single' by Robb called.. ‘Italian Dreams’.

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Robb is currently working on his next EP.

The single is supported by an animated video (below), created by Italian artist Marco Burani.

'When the night falls in and the nightmares come
When there’s fading light and the day is done
I will fight you ‘till the morning comes
I will guard my heart and steady my head
‘Cause there is hope for all mankind...' 

'So maybe we’ll fall and shed a tear
Get hurt by something cruel
I’m young and got the right to be a fool
To be a fool
To be a fool...'


“Murphy’s soft resonating voice...An intriguing and ultimately relaxing combination”

Encore NI


"Songs of sophisticated simplicity in a powerfully self-confident setting"



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