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Lazy Flies are a musical 3-piece from Belfast whose delicately weaving vocal harmonies conjure a charming pop aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences from Beck to David Bowie, they combine evocative melodies with a lyrical wit to create something wonderfully recognisable yet totally unique.

"‘Who Are You?’ What loveliness has been poured into my ears? Like musical silk being intricately woven through my ear canal and enveloping my brain with a relaxed joy. The vocals and perfectly layered harmonies interwoven with the gentle and slow moving guitar melody is such a blissful listening experience that when the smooth string symphony glides in to carry the tune to a whole new level of loveliness, you are succumbed to a puddle of melted relaxation'.

‘Fantasy Islands’ is a dreamy lullaby that gently soothes you into complete submission."

Bex Macrae

Hello Mighty Man EP

Kill Your Darlings EP


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