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Christopher Matthewson is a 21 year old folk-rocker who uses his incredible voice and impressive guitar skills to tell stories of observational triumph and woe in the technological age.

Born in Donegal, Ireland, Matthewson has been playing the guitar since the age of 11 after seeing his cousin playing to a group of girls and watching them swoon.

Later, influenced by Joni Mitchell, George Harrison and Ray LaMontagne.

Chris blends acoustic folk and 60’s blues to bring back an earthy soul into music that is written and consumed by the digital generation.

Following the successful release of his debut EP last year, Chris is playing gigs all over the south and is looking to spread his music even further with a spate of festival bookings which is attracting a wide-ranged and dynamic fanbase.



"Christopher Matthewson. Remember the name. He's signed to a different management company to our own but that doesn't stop me from marking him out as one to watch. Chris has got something special"

Mark Ede   (BigiAm Music Management)


A really good guitar player” 

Ralph Rolle (Chic)

"Two tracks on the EP stand out in particular – Land Of The Used starts with a violin and acoustic guitar and paints a vivid picture with its lyrics. “Now grey seeps into your hair, your youth has abandoned you, grow gracefully old, you are worth much more than you know,” is a striking observation for one so young and an appealing lyric to one of my years. Then there is a tempo change part way through the song as Christopher warns, “Don’t give your heart to a gambler, he will only push you away.” It turns out that the gambler is the singer himself.

The EP adds something warm, melodic and deep to your listening portfolio."


"A truly fine guitar player; an exceptional voice"

Jo Harman   (Female Vocalist of the year 2014)


"If I had to choose one song to showcase Christopher’s musical talent then ‘Roses Like Weeds’ is the one I’d chose. His vocals throughout the EP are captivating but on this one, they steal my attention every time.

His delicate vocal performance is simply sublime and all I can say is listen to it yourself. 

I guarantee it will impress!

Treat your ears to something new and give the music of Christopher Matthewson a listen as his storytelling quality and captivating guitar style is so good. You can listen and purchase the EP from his Bandcamp page by clicking HERE."



"A naturally gifted guitarist in terms of technique and styles,

Chris is also, a compelling and charismatic frontman, whether performing his own material or when working in collaboration with gifted colleagues".

Jim Williams (BIMM Brighton)

"Chris Matthewson; A supremely talented guitarist and vocalist, who’s been blowing audiences away both here and abroad and certainly shows great promise for the future”

Alan McGlaughlin (Emerald Guitars, Ireland)



Live at The Haunt in Brighton 21/11/15

Live from The Warren, Brighton.


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